Confident Woman

Membership Annual Fee

$175 per year

Lunch Fee

$30 for Members

$40 for Non-Members (limited to 2 visits)

Meeting Times:

11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Meeting Days:

  • Second Tuesday's of the Month- Empowerment through Leadership presentations

  • Fourth Tuesday's of the Month- Time to "Flamingle" and network amongst like-minded businesswomen



ACBW General Information

  • Association of Christian Business Women (ACBW) Member refers to women that participate in the activities of the ACBW.


  • Members are those that have officially registered and have paid the $175.00 annual membership fee. Members receive full access to ACBW Member Benefits.


  • Guests are permitted to attend the bi-monthly events twice before membership is required.


  • Some communication and activities will be exclusive to members only.

ACBW Membership Values & Responsibilities:

  • We are here for one another and to support one another in business, ministry, and Spiritual growth. 

  • Each woman in ACBW is expected and required to behave and apply business principles and practices that serve, reflect, promote, and bring the above-mentioned to life.

  • We welcome each other as sisters in Christ and will treat each other with love, kindness, and compassion.

  • We encourage each other to have the “What would Jesus do?” mindset and act accordingly.

  • We do not tolerate or accommodate any sort of business fraud, abuse, corruption, or any behavior that is less than honest and ethical business practices and principles. 

  • Inappropriate behavior may result in the suspension of your Membership or participation in the Association of Christian Business Women at the discretion of the ACBW Vision and Leadership Board.

  • All members and participants of the ACBW are responsible for their own business dealings and are encouraged and expected to perform due diligence required in all dealings, in different sectors, industries, and in the business world as a whole. 

* If you agree to the ACBW terms we encourage you to fill out ACBW's Application Form


The ACBW leadership, management, employees, board members, and volunteers shall have no responsibility for any relationships, business dealings, and/or outcomes between members and participants of the ACBW.


Thanks for applying to ACBW! We will be contacting you soon.