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About Us!

The ACBW strives to connect and create a safe space to collaborate with other business/ministry leaders in a faith-based sisterhood for the purpose of:

  • doing business together and amongst each other

  • exchanging and sharing business and career knowledge and information that will equip others

  • encouraging, empowering, educating, inspiring, and praying for one another, while giving generously to our community as leaders in our industries and ministries.

ACBW is a Florida Benefit Corporation*. 


 *A Florida benefit corporation must have “a material, positive effect on society and the environment, taken as a whole.” The goal is to allow companies to focus on charitable causes and the betterment of society or the environment.

About: About Us

Our Mission

To encourage, equip, and empower business women of faith to grow in leadership through connection, community, and collaboration

Our Vision

To become a safe, trusted, and refreshing environment that provides empowerment, encouragement, inspiration, support, learning, and development for Christian business women, entrepreneurs, and ministry leaders, while focusing on becoming God-led and God-inspired leaders who influence the spaces we occupy and support the communities around us with our generosity.

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